About Me

It has been said that I am an odd box of rocks. My Love actually coined the term and since then, many have agreed with his assessment. I actually had to agree that it fit me to a tee. I am quite odd. At times I can be silly, spastic, completely random, emotional, serious, philosophical, spiritual, wise, and a contradiction in terms. I get distracted easily by moving pictures, flashing lights, random ponderings, and those around me. There is no rhyme or reason as to my being or why feel, think, or say as I do. I simply am.

This is my place in the world of the internet to express my views, my opinions, my thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a place for me to put some of what is inside my head on screen for anyone who is ever likely to stumble upon them. Sometimes they will make sense only to me, and sometimes, they will make sense to everyone who reads them. No doubt they will, at times, anger, confuse, amuse, inspire, comfort, seem righteous, bore, seem odd and silly, or seem a waste of space to those who read them. But they are mine own and I will treasure them because they came from me.


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